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Adsen Image Grab 1.2
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File Size: 715.2 Kb

Adsen Image Grab 1.2

Publisher:Adsen Software
Platform:Vista, Windows
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Adsen Image Grab - Adsen Image Grab is a free image downloader used to easily download images from a website. You can download

images that are linked from the site or download images that are shown on the website. It lists the images along with

the size of them and allows you to choose the ones you wish to download. The webpage, in which you are

retrieving the images from, is shown as well for your convenience.

List of Changes:

Version 1.2 from 2007-07-28


A basic free image downloader.

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File Size: 715.2 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Ted Y 2011-08-24 17:26:03 #
Version: 1.2

Hi. Excellent program with only one drawback I've found. It needs to be able to browse links to two or three levels. As it is, many picture sites have a "double thumbnail" system, eg, The first thumbnail page takes you to the subject, eg, Animals, then to another thumbnail page which actually shows the large pictures through a second link. As it is, Adsen Image Grab will only collect two sets of thumbnails, not the full pictures. With that "deep link" feature, the program would be perfect. The only other suggestion I might offer is a capability to collect "computer movies," (mpeg, avi, wmv, etc.) Being "freeware," I suppose the program is in Beta. When it's finished and can do these things I will certainly buy it. :o)

Ted Y 2011-08-19 17:32:01 #
Version: 1.2

Excellent program! The only adverse thing I can say about it is that it doesn't dig deep enough through chains of links. It only collects pix on the first URL, then one link level deeper. Not a major problem, however. The fix is to collect the URLs for further levels then run Adsen Image Grab again using them.
Thanks a lot for a great piece of software!

Tee Marsh 2011-04-02 08:12:31 #
Version: 1.2

In no way at all does this do what it claims.
Putting in the URL of a large free site gave me 4 files. I then tried a sub-folder of the site (say, food), and what did I get? The same 4 files that I had at the start.
This piece of software is so inept I can scarcely belive it.

Devarapalli Rajendrakumar 2011-02-17 12:26:13 #
Version: 1.2

Hi,i found it extremely useful and i would like to add a suggestion to make it more user-friendly,please provide more tips and guidance to the users particularly non-professionals who are naturally in number and who will make the product a household name in the long run.
thanking you

Typeloads 2011-02-08 07:23:27 #
Version: 1.2

I couldn't get the program to work as I thought it would. There is no help file and maybe this is the problem.

Cocoayoc 2011-01-18 17:06:01 #
Version: 1.2

it's NOT easy for me to use. I couldn't figure out how to use it

Parts1 2010-09-22 07:48:12 #
Version: 1.2

So far i've had a good experience. A setting for image size/file would be nice, but overall good delivery and speed.

thanx for all those who helped in the making of it.

Ismacal 2010-06-03 03:27:33 #
Version: 1.2

Thank you very much for this software, it's so good and nice, real optimal, dynamic and functional.

Itsallme 2003 2010-02-12 05:44:31 #
Version: 1.2

absolutely amazing, the price (free) is perfect and its so simple to use! cant fault the software at all!

Vanders Peter 2010-02-09 18:38:55 #
Version: 1.2

Hi! The software works well, except that quite a few sites have "hidden" links to thumbnails that cannot be accessed by your software. Also, it would be very handy if a minimum size limit could be nominated, so that small icons and advertisement images are not downloaded.
Anyway, free software is always good, so keep up the good work!

Kcymed 2009-08-06 15:26:47 #
Version: 1.2

I Love this product! Best image downloader I have
used and easiest to operate. Thanks for offering such a great poduct.

Sharma Promod 2009-07-05 13:53:58 #
Version: 1.2


Reference to the eMail sent to me for reviewing your "Adsen Image Grab 1.2" Free Image Grabbing software, I regret to inform you that with the button, "Grab Images that are linked to from the sight" ticked, the button "List Available Images" - does not respond.

I have therefore switched over to "BID" (Bulk Image Downloader) with which I am highly satisfied.

[For your info : I am using Windows XP - SP3. 2.4 Ghz. Intel P4 Processor, 1 GB RAM and a Cable Modem (Speed ~ 250 MBS]

Regards & All the Best

Promod Sharma

Dan E Benson 2009-05-15 14:49:59 #
Version: 1.2

Elegantly simple. Exactly what I was looking for!

Pellucidor 2009-04-23 12:56:53 #
Version: 1.2

Does a very good job of downloading images.
Would like to see an option to list multiple urls and filters.
I also received an out of range message when a large number of images where on a page.

Dh11 2009-04-15 01:49:10 #
Version: 1.2

Finally got to use this product and am very happy with the results. Would recommend to anyone with no hesitations.

Dh11 2009-04-10 09:37:29 #
Version: 1.2

Downloaded Adsen Grab but as yet have not had the opportunity to use it, so it wouldn't be fair on my part to review the product until I actually do use it. When I do eventually get the opportunity I will gladly use the email link to return and give my views.
Thanking you

Imagegrab 5 Mongo 2009-04-05 14:57:18 #
Version: 1.2

Well, it works ok, but I have other free tools that work about the same.

The reason I looked at this one was because there is this one particular site that nothing will download all the pics from.

This wouldn't either, which doesn't make it good or bad; just not what I needed.

Tony 2009-03-31 06:46:12 #
Version: 1.2

It worked well and completely downloaded the pictures I wanted unlike another peice of software I used. I like how it shows the page so you know where the picture are and you can navigate to another page to get the pictures.

Sick Puppy 2009-03-24 13:24:37 #
Version: 1.2

I used to to get images from Imagevenue, without much success. Some articles were retrieved, while others failed.

Paul.taylor 2009-03-15 02:52:50 #
Version: 1.2

Great program.

Hi thanks for a great program - did exactly what I wanted and very simple interface.
Paul Taylor.

Jkeksama 2008-12-09 20:30:47 #
Version: 1.2

its not for me

i want to dl pics from imagefap and it cant be used (or at least as far as i know)

the software itself is more suitable to dl pics from standard image viewer (friendster etc) so its not all that bad~

David 2008-10-02 13:31:21 #
Version: 1.2

Great Utility

Works great and very easy to use. A much appreciated little ap.

Yoonas 2008-06-08 05:40:53 #
Version: 1.2

Well, I found only one thing ...

The program is really easy to use, the only problem I had with it, was that it wouldn't save the right sized images when they were presented in thumbnails.

rhinecorsair 2008-04-08 10:34:10 #
Version: 1.2

Highly recommendable.

Adsen Image Grab is one of the outstanding softwares I have tested so far. The performance is very fast and stable, and it never left just one single image. I have tried various programs for his kind of job and not one has done it as good as Adsen Image Grab and that's for freeware.
One single request: please get it out for all the poor macousers like myself who have to run it on emulations or virtualisations.
Great job.

datajimbo 2007-10-11 13:21:40 #
Version: 1.2

Pulling pictures

I was unable to pull photos from a website so I uninstalled the product.

Manoj Jain 2007-07-03 12:10:54 #
Version: 1.2

very less features

Actually I does not have any feature at all. It simply takes images from the web page and not the entire web site. I am looking for a product which can download all images in one go if I give a single variable such as image name and location then it should give me all images in that directory of wesite with 001 number increasing by say 1.

Phil26174 2007-02-23 11:52:29 #
Version: 1.2

Doesn`t do what I need it to

If the gallery photos are not one click away, there is no chance of grabbing them, how hard could it be to make the prgram able to grab images two clicks away or three, or all the images downstream (in the subfolders)?

It was nice in that it accesses any site I can access using password without having to instruct the program to input the password itself, that can be complicated and keeps many programs from being at all useful.

I think the program has great potential, so why not do it to the max?

BertWhetstine 2006-12-02 09:08:11 #
Version: 1.2


I THINK THE PRODUCT IS JUST GREAT,it beats all others I have used in the past!

Download Now
File Size: 715.2 Kb